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GO Bowling Watkins Glen league results


We recently completed our Bowling for the Watkins Glen summer league. It was a short 8 week spring doubles league. Everyone who joined the league received a T-shirt, a lanyard and a ticket to the Nascar race at Watkins Glen for this week right here in WNY,

11 teams competed in two (2) divisions during the 8 week season.

There was a playoff between the top 2 teams from each division to get an added prize of a hospitality tent before the race, a meet and greet with the driver of the Go racing car and a tour of the pit.

It was a very exciting and closely fought battle for the two top spots. We had a tie for the second place in both divisions. This required a 1 game playoff the last night before the regular playoffs.

In the first game – Paul Kayes and Tom Larson beat Jim Nelligan and Jamie Baldwin

In the second game – Mike Auman and J.J. Brisson beat Matt and Ron gross for a chance to play for the prize.

In the playoff games between the number two of 1 division vs the number 1 of the other division, both number two teams pulled off the upsets.

In game 1 Paul K. and Tom L beat Corey White and Roy Belleisle

In game 2 Mike A. and J.J. B. beat Rob and Amy Enos.

So Paul K & Tom L. and Mike A & J.J won the extra packets.


We received some more extra prize packets, so the winners of each division will also be going to the hospitality tent and pit row!!

Winner of Division 1 was Rob and Amy Enos

Winner of Division 2 was Corey White and Roy Belliesle

Thanks for everyone who joined the league & have a great time at the race this weekend!!


Hope to see you all soon for Fall bowling!!

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