Rip roaring laughter, exhilarating knocks and rolls that will keep you coming back for more. KnockerSoccer games are truly a blast but we will warn you, organized games generally break down into literal knock down chaos with the only resulting pain being from laughing so hard and having way too much fun.

** Please Note ** Knockerball is only available in the Spring and Summer months when weather permits.

This sport is so new and we are proud to be instrumental in introducing one of the coolest products to come along in a long time to the U.S.A. Till now, Knockerball™ or “bubble soccer” has been gaining traction in Europe, Australia, Japan, and elsewhere. Leagues are opening up all over the United States! Good Times now has 12 Adult & 12 Kid-sized Balls! So isn’t it time to “GET IN THE BALL” and see what you’ve been missing?

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Fill out our form below, or call (716) 379-8210, and ask for Steve, the league manager.

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