Dueling Pianos – interactive comedy + music

Nov 2018

Our friend from Jamestown, NY, Paul Hoefler is back again with his partner in crime and long time friend Steve Strickland to do another round of Piano comedy and general hi-jinx inside the Banquet Center at Good Times of Olean.

Paul and Co. have been performing this act across the country for 30+ yrs and are grateful to be playing somewhat in his back yard.

We’ll play games, we’ll humiliate your friends, we’ll make up songs on the fly and we’ll have you laughing so hard your sides will hurt and your eyes will well up.

Bring lots of friends with thick skin and bring some extra cash!


Tickets on sale now at the front desk inside Good Times of Olean.  $15/ea or $20/couple

Saturday, 11/24/2018.  Cocktails @ 8pm, show goes until 11:30pm